Your Smoothie Stand Is A Startup

Not all startups need a desk decorated with an iMac, or have an app. But all startups do start as an idea. An idea can be anything you can dream off, sometimes literally. It can be physical, digital or service oriented and have a platform through which your customers can use, consume or gain from

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Software In A Hardware World

With each passing decade, or less, the apparatus used to consume information has changed at an impressive pace. Paper gave way to the radio. The radio gave way to the television. The television gave way to the computer. The computer gave way to an evolution of itself in many forms being the desktop, laptop and

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The Coming Reign Of The Internet of Things

Ever since the internet debuted it has gone from being a novelty to being declared a human right by some countries. An increasing number of government services, shopping, banking, financial and even security rely on a network of computers being connected to each other and to the internet at the same time. The shift we’re

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