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responsive Mega Menu


responsive Mega Menu (rMM) is built for the web of today and tomorrow. It's versatile enough to serve your menu needs in a variety of settings.

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Easily add various styles to your menus by adding CSS classes. Colors, styles, rounded corners, shadows and more are quick and simple to integrate in your menu

responsive Mega Menu
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responsive Mega Menu

Ready to Use

We've made it easy to use rMM with your projects, simply copy the code from our examples and paste them into your files. Add the CSS and Viola! you're Mega now!

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Click the thumbnails to see menu previews.

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  • Six Color Styles

    The menu comes with six pre-made color styles to quickly customize the menu to your site.

  • Embed Anything

    You can embed videos (all major sites supported), images and maps. Plus any other media file!

  • Up to 6 Columns

    Use up to 6 columns to show your menu items. Single and multi-column layouts supported!

  • Cross Browser

    Bootstrap works for you in all major browsers, yes even the horrible ones *cough* IE.

  • Responsive Ready

    The menu is ready to go on almost any device, since it's Boostrap powered!

  • HTML5 + CSS3

    Using the latest web development technologies to give you a forward moving product.

  • Retina Ready

    Ultra sharp on any resolution, it's cool to be clear...retina clear!

  • Bootsrap Powered

    Did we mention it's Bootstrap fueled? Yes, that means you can customize it any which way you like.

  • Grid Based

    The columns are grid based and respond to various screen sizes and devices, out of the box!


See the powerful features that come with responsive Mega Menu (rMM)!

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Find out more about the menu, view the video to learn more about the features that come with it!

The video shows the full version of rMM.

Watch it in HD!

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Bootstrap v2.3.2

This file comes with a working version of the menu for v2.3.2 of Bootstrap.

You are viewing the menu example for v2.3.2

Bootstrap v3.0+

You also get a working version of the menu for v3.0+ of Bootstrap.

color customizer BONUS: Customizer to create your own unique color theme!